Pennsylvania Law will not allow us to transfer any firearms without the completion of a background check.

If you have had a firearm shipped to us and are DENIED for any reason, we will not transfer the firearm to anyone locally.  Your options are:

  1. Appeal the denial through the Pennsylvania State Police. We will store the firearm for up to 100 days – you have 30 days to file your appeal and the Pennsylvania State Police then have 60 days to provide you with a final decision – before you must choose another option below (unless your appeal is granted, in which case we are happy to process the transfer to you).
  2. Return the firearm to the seller (you pay the return shipping).
  3. Sell the firearm through us on consignment (20% commission plus shipping and listing costs).
  4. Sell the firearm online yourself, but it must be shipped to another FFL (you pay shipping) – NO LOCAL SALES.

We understand the system is not perfect and that is why we are willing to store firearms to ensure anyone who is denied in error has time to correct the issue and receive their item.

However, if you are unable to receive a firearm, you need to pick one of the other options.  We will NOT buy the gun from you and storage of a firearm past 100 days or after a denied appeal and no decision on an acceptable disposition will be charged a storage fee of $5 PER DAY.  If you don’t like any of the options, we will be happy to turn the firearm over to the police or BATFE.