We provide the following transfer services:

  1. Receive and Transfer Your Online/Mail Order Purchase
  2. Face to Face Transfers
  3. Outbound Sales Shipped to Buyer’s FFL
  4. Estates/Probate

Buying a firearm off the internet for the first time?  It’s simple!

  1. Purchase the firearm; whether it is through GunBroker or an internet retailer like Bud’s or GrabAGun, you will pay the seller directly.
  2. Email us and let us what you bought, including the auction number if it was an auction, and the seller’s email address.  As long as they are a dealer, we will email them a copy of our FFL directly.  We will provide our license number to private individuals so they can verify our license through the ATF’s website.  They do not need a copy of our license and per the ATF’s request, we will not provide it to them. It is our policy to require a copy of an individual’s driver’s license or government-issued ID to accept the transfer.
  3. Wait for us to receive your firearm.  We will call or email you as soon as it arrives to set up an appointment to pick it up.
  4. Come fill out your paperwork, pass the PICS check, pay our transfer fee, and take your firearm home.