If you want to play in the NFA game, you need to provide your fingerprints. We are equipped to provide the latest .EFT file format that is accepted by the ATF e-Forms system for all your Form 1 paperwork. Don’t want to provide your prints electronically? We are also equipped to roll ink-on-paper prints!


  • If you are purchasing or transferring an NFA item through us, the one-time fee is $50 per person for digital (.EFT) prints. Prefer ink-on-paper? We can roll those too, for $25 per person for two cards as required by the ATF (we provide the cards). Ink prints need to be re-rolled every time, so we strongly suggest going digital.
  • Looking to obtain an .EFT file to use to submit e-Form 1s? The fee is $100 per person (or $50 if we already have your prints on file from an earlier purchase).